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Enphase Inverter Repair Phoenix

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Enphase is one of the most popular and widely implemented solar inverter brands out there. It hit the international solar market hard several years ago. Enphase inverters utilize a unique system, where MicroInverters are attached to each solar panel to enable panel level monitoring and control. The conversion from DC to AC occurs at the panel eliminating the shade and impedance mismatch issues created by traditional string inverters. This feature sets them apart from the other systems inverters.

Due to their wide usage, Enphase inverters are common on home solar systems in Phoenix. Companies have been installing Enphase inverters in the Phoenix area for many years. Unfortunately, due to the unstable nature of the solar industry, many of those companies have gone out of business, which has left homeowners with inverters that they cannot get repaired or replaced. If you are one of those people, we’re here to help.

We can inspect, diagnose, repair, or replace any part of your Enphase system no matter where you who installed it. Our techs have been installing and repairing Enphase inverters for many years, and have the best knowledge and factory warranty training in troubleshooting any issues with micro-inverter based Enphase systems. Stop waiting and get back to saving money!

Inverter Repair Services

Our inverter repair services include:

Enphase Repair Service
Phoenix, AZ

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